Friday, July 10, 2015

Worf version 1.1 released

Worf version 1.1 has just been released.  This update changes the filtering from time domain convolution to frequency domain convolution.  The result is drastically improved performance and lower battery drain.

The filtering step has been moved to before the plotting step, so you can actually see the effects of your filter in real time prior to recording.

I also changed the plotting routine to highlight samples that are above threshold in green.  Here's a new screenshot:

I also learned that the ability to skip silence using the custom thresholds is actually called "SkipSilence" in other audio apps.  Although Worf is still unique in that you can draw your own threshold over the audio spectrum to specify exactly how you want things to be skipped.  Other apps seem to call it a "beta" function and apply their own fixed default level.

UPDATE: I decided to throw in a notification message while recording in case people accidentally leave the recording thread running in the background.  I also capped the maximum length of a single record file to 2 hours (about 110 MB) so people don't accidentally fill up their storage by leaving it running for days on end.  I had to roll the revision to 1.2 for these things.

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